Marvin Test Solutions offers a four-channel SMU GX3104 in PXI format.

Marvin Test Solutions Announces 4-Channel PXI Source Measure Unit

  •  Marvin Test Solutions (MTS), a provider of test solutions for the military, aerospace and manufacturing industries, announces the launch of the GX3104 Source and Measure Unit (SMU), a four-channel SMU integrated into a PXI module.

The GX3014 is a 3U size PXI format module that sources and measures voltages and currents over a ±20V and up to ±1A range.
The flex-power architecture, implemented by MTS, offers the possibility to configure the sourcemeter (SMU) as a 4-channel SMU, delivering 250 mA/channel or as a single-channel SMU over a 1A range. This flexibility allows the same GX3014 module to be used for high current or multi-channel source and measurement applications.

The four channels are electrically isolated from the PXI power supply and their common ground is isolated.

All modules are powered by the PXI chassis bus, eliminating the need for external DC power supplies.

The GX3104 module comes with an API and user interface, online help files and GtLinux, a software package which provides support for Linux 32/64 operating systems.