Narda's SignalShark portable spectrum analyzer

Narda’s SignalShark portable spectrum analyzer covers frequencies up to 8 GHz

Narda’s SignalShark portable analyzer performs real-time spectrum measurements over a range of frequencies from 9 kHz to 8 GHz. This instrument, which has a real-time bandwidth of 40 MHz, allows the detection, analysis, classification and localization of RF signals.

Narda’s SignalShark portable analyzer has been designed to perform real-time measurements over its entire frequency range, detect hidden signals, capture pulses or locate stray signals.

SignalShark has a 10.4 “touch screen for intuitive operation and easy access to measurement and analysis functions.

Its two Li-ion batteries can be hot swapped to prolong its autonomy in the field.

The MIL-compliant design allows the SignalShark to make measurements in harsh environmental conditions.

SignalShark comes with a range of accessories: manual DF antennas, an adapter for third-party antennas, fully automatic direction finding antennas, a fixing kit for vehicle mounting of DF antennas, and software for configuration and remote control by computer.


  • Frequency range : 9 kHz to 8 GHz
  • Real-time bandwith : 40 MHz
  • Sweep Rate:40 GHz/s (RBW ≥ 100 kHz)
  • Operating time on batteries : 3 hours (nominal), battery pack is hot swappable
  • Dimensions : 231 mm × 333 mm ×85 mm (9.09ʺ × 13.11ʺ × 3.35ʺ)
  • Weight (basic unit including battery) : 3,8 kg