HP-01 magnetometer from Narda Safety Test Solutions

Narda’s magnetometer HP-01 measures magnetic fields up to 1 kHz

  • The HP-01 magnetometer complements Narda Safety Test Solutions’ range of interchangeable isotropic probes for use with the NBM-550 portable field meter from Narda Safety Test Solutions.
  • This probe analyzes selectively frequency static and time-varying magnetic fields in the range from 0 Hz (DC) to 1 kHz.

With its dynamic range of 120 dB, the HP-01 magnetic field probe is particularly suitable for use in occupational health and safety. It is intended for evaluating field exposures in manufacturing industry workplaces with high static magnetic fields in accordance with the European Directive 2013/35/EU.

The HP-01’s isotropic Hall effect sensors cover the measuring range of 10 µT and 10 T (Tesla – magnetic flux density) in a single device.

The HP01-TS software, supplied with the unit, allows the magnetometer and the NBM-550 field meter to be controlled from mid-2018.

The FFT analysis of the magnetometer is used to examine signals in the time and/or frequency ranges in applications such as safety measures in the fields of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and electro-mobility, electrolysis processes, magnetic stirrers, permanent magnets and DC drives and generators.
NBM-550 Portable Field Meter from Narda Safety Test Solutions
The Narda NBM-550 field meter, available with a GPS option, covers various frequency ranges depending on the probe used. This portable instrument is equipped with a backlit LCD display with graphic display, a memory capacity of 5000 measurements, a result transfer software to a PC, and a USB interface.