NI (National Instruments) new logo.

National Instruments officially becomes NI

  • National Instruments, specialist in modular test instruments and inventor of the PXI standard, officially becomes NI.
  • This comes as no surprise, since for a long time now, employees, customers and partners have been calling the Texas company simply by the acronym NI.
  • The American firm also changes its logo and visual identity and adopts a new slogan: Engineer Ambitiously.

No longer call it National Instruments. The American company, listed on the Nasdaq under the code NATI, has therefore unveiled a new brand identity and a new logo. Farewell to the blue letter N in the shape of wings inside which the head of an eagle stood out. The new logo is simple and sober, with only the two lowercase letters “n” and “i”. Traditionally blue, it is changing to green, a colour that in some cultures symbolizes hope and growth.

The hope perhaps to renew the splendid years of growth and innovation that the Texan company lived during approximately three decades from its creation in 1976 until the year 2000 when the Internet speculative bubble burst, which severely affected all companies related to computers and telecommunications.

This name and logo change is the result of a two-year internal reflection process whose objective was to create a new brand, a new way of doing business and to place the engineer at the heart of its strategy.

The slogan on which National Instruments has built its reputation “The software is the instrument” has been replaced by a new slogan “Engineer Ambitiously”.

Eric Starkloff, President and CEO of NI, explains the reasons for such changes: “we’re shortening our name to NI to acknowledge the global markets we serve and because we do so much more than create “instruments”.  […] To Engineer Ambitiously is to envision and then solve for a better future, one that we can create together. It means recognizing that small innovations add up to significant progress and taking steps to turn that progress into something bigger.”

This ambition is reflected in the statement displayed under its new slogan on the home page of its new website: “At NI, we believe in the power and potential of making connections—between people, ideas, and technology. We’re dedicated to helping you thrive today, tomorrow, and for the next 100 years”.

A century from now, the name of the American company has plenty of time to change and its strategy to evolve further – and we won’t be here to see it.