NHR 4800 cycler and battery emulator

NI introduces the NHR 4800 cycler and battery emulator

  • NI has announced the launch of the NHR 4800 series cycler and battery emulator for battery testing and simulation.
  • With its compact and modular design, this solution is designed to meet the needs of battery testing in the research field, as well as in the validation and production phases of the automotive, aerospace and energy sectors.
  • The instrument is part of the NH Research (NHR) range, which NI has announced it will acquire in 2021.

The data and insights from battery testing has a major impact on battery performance, quality, and overall adoption of new technologies like electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

The NHR 4800 is an high-power DC test systems capable of functioning as a battery cycler, DC source, DC load, battery emulator, and amplifier for power-level hardware-in-the-loop testing.

The compact system delivers up to 80 V and 400 A in a single-4U chassis while delivering scalable power ranging from 16.5 kW up to 165 kW. This operating envelope makes the NHR 4800 optimized for testing low to mid-range battery modules and packs, fuel cells, energy storage systems, and solar PV systems. The system with integrated safety features can, according to NI, replace multiple instruments in the lab and production floors.

NHR 4800 main features :

  • 80 VDC and 400 A, up to 16.5 kW in 4U chassis
  • Modular and scalable power with parallel operation of up to 10 systems to go from 16.5 kW to 165 kW
  • Built-in isolation contactor relays, pre-charge circuit, reverse polarity checker, and more
  • Source and regenerative load with typical regenerative power efficiency >90%
  • Regenerative power efficiency >90% (Typical)
    100% SiC-based technology
  • Optimized battery connections to minimize hazards
  • Air-cooled
  • Control Options: Touch Panel and SCPI commands via LabVIEW and Python