NI's SystemLink Enterprise software

NI’s SystemLink Enterprise software manages data between heterogeneous systems

  • National Instruments, the Texan company renamed NI in June 2020, announces the new version of its SystemLink Enterprise software which, by standardising the way data is shared and analysed, aims to increase the visibility and control of test systems across the entire industrial organisation from design teams to production.

SystemLink software is designed to link engineering and manufacturing departments with the aim of improving operational efficiency and supporting manufacturers in their digital transformation strategy by providing greater transparency in the management of their test data.

The relevant exploitation of test results enables the most appropriate decisions to be taken to improve production processes. However, it can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, especially when the data is scattered in IT systems that are not always compatible with each other.

The new version of the SystemLink Enterprise software also aims to save time. Instead of performing tedious tasks such as manually configuring systems, tracking critical assets or searching for data, engineers can focus on locating models and proactively addressing problems.

Lighting manufacturer Cree Lighting has implemented SystemLink software for real-time data monitoring and display, post-test analysis, and production management. “SystemLink allows our production facility to look forward to the future. It gives us the visibility we need to respond more quickly to market conditions while optimizing our production efforts,” said Ian Yeager, head of test engineering at Cree Lighting. “I now spend less time managing deployments and post-processing data and more time seizing opportunities to improve efficiency.

The new version of SystemLink software is NI’s first hardware-independent data and system management tool. The Texan company’s software strategy aims to help manufacturers on the road to digital transformation by coupling test operations with the analytical tools of the Israeli company OptimalPlus, which NI completed its acquisition in July 2020.