NI LabVIEW Communications MIMO Application Framework

Overview of National Instruments announcements at Mobile World Congress 2018

  • National Instruments (NI) presented various test solutions in the field of mobile telecommunications at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Spain.
  • NI also reiterated its collaboration with the American Qorvo and Korean Samsung to test RF modules and user equipments for future 5G deployments.

# National Instruments Announcements at MWC 2018:

  • Qorvo is collaborating with NI on test of 5G RF Front End modules in the lower 6 GHz band. The American designer and manufacturer of RF circuits uses 5G NR reference solution below 6 GHz. Qorvo has, according to NI, opted for this test solution because its flexibility allows it to adapt to any possible modification of the standard while the company develops a front-end RF module for the 5G in parallel with the development of the 5G NR standard by the 3GPP.


  • Collaboration with Samsung: the objective is to develop user equipment user (UE) test solutions for 5G New Radio (NR). The first public demonstration of this collaboration took place this week on the Samsung booth at MWC 2018.
  • NI and Samsung’s collaboration on Interoperability device testing (IODT) through the connection of a Samsung 5G NR commercial base station to a UE test system developed by NI.
  • It is an OTA (Over The Air) test system operating at 28 GHz and in real time. The NI UE test system exchanges messages with the base station to establish a link and then validates the downlink functionality and performance according to 3GPP procedures.
  • The UE test system uses NI’s 28 GHz mmWave Transceiver System with a compliant 5G NR Phase 1 protocol stack developed using LabVIEW system design software.
  • This collaboration will explore the 5G NR standard at maximum throughput levels utilizing the full available bandwidth and maximum number of component carriers (eight) in a full 2×2 multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) configuration.