Keysight 1G to 5G standard mobile test solutions

Overview of Keysight’s solutions at Mobile World Congress 2018

At the 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC), Keysight presents its “5G RN Ready” solutions, which aim to cover the entire development cycle of chips, smart phones and other connected objects intended to communicate via the next generation of mobile networks (5G).
# An overview of the solutions presented by Keysight at MWC 2018:

  • Software tools for the creation and analysis of 5G New Radio (NR) signals, designed for the development and validation of 5G standard mobile communication equipment by chip and module manufacturers.
  • Demonstration of a 5G data stream with 4 Gbps throughput at 28 GHz with the 5G network emulator integrated in mmWave OTA over-the-air solutions) for frequency, functional and performance testing.
  • Demonstration of “5G NR ready” solutions aimed at streamlining the production workflow of products, from initial prototyping, through development, validation and manufacturing. These solutions use common development tools at each step to share data sets and design knowledge gained at each step of the development and production cycle for chipsets and 5G components.
  • Millimeter wave validation solution based on mmW 5G transceiver without signalling covering the 28 GHz and 39 GHz frequency bands.
  • 5G NR software solutions covering the entire product design cycle, simulation, signal analysis, with uplink and downlink, for simulation and testing of transmitters and receivers. These solutions comply with the 5G 3GPP Release 15 TS 38 specification and are integrated into various Keysight signal generators and analyzers.
  • Demonstration of an integrated Wi-Fi and cellular protocol verification solution that allows operators to simultaneously test cellular and Wi-Fi signalling, from data traffic generation to physical transmission of layers 1 to 7. These tests allow verification of device interoperability in both licensed and unlicensed frequency spectra.