Downconverter ThinkRF D2030 for 5G signal spectrum

Viavi and ThinkRF develop a solution for monitoring the 5G signal spectrum

  • ThinkRF and Viavi collaborated on the design of a downconverter that extends the frequency spectrum of Viavi’s CellAdvisor 2G/3G/4G test system.
  • With the ThinkRF D2030 frequency downconverter, the Viavi’s CellAdvisor tester covers the frequency range of the future 5G standard for mobile telecommunications, including those between 27 and 30 GHz.

This solution is designed to help mobile operators, field technicians and wireless equipment providers monitor and test the spectrum of wireless devices according to the next-generation 5G standard.

« The ability to monitor 5G high frequency communication signals is becoming a necessity, but many existing spectrum analyzers are unable to detect signals at such frequency levels. Leveraging our software-defined radio technologies, we have created a portable and versatile platform that can be used to extend the capabilities of existing spectral analysis solutions to 5G signal waveform analysis », said Nikhil Adnani, CEO of ThinkRF.

« Thanks to our close collaboration with ThinkRF, we can meet a key requirement of our customers to preserve their investments in their test and measurement equipment for use across the entire spectrum of 5G signals. We’ve created a product that delivers the size, weight and power needed for remote, distributed and lab-based deployments », said Jim Neuens, Marketing Director Metro and RF-Test Business Units of  Viavi.

The Downconverter ThinkRF D2030 is designed to use all existing analyzers and test equipment for spectrum analysis of next-generation 5G signals. This compact, portable, and versatile module is designed to be used for 5G analysis in any deployment scenario without the need for significant resources in terms of size, weight and power.