ThinkRF R5500 analyzer connected with the Keysight 89600 VSA software

ThinkRF R5500 spectrum analyzer is able to be connected with the Keysight 89600 VSA software

According to ThinkRF, its R5500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer is the first, third-party product to directly connect with the Keysight 89600 VSA RF signal analysis software.

The combined solution allows to make consistent measurements across signals, deployments and applications. The compact, PC-driven, and remotely deployable ThinkRF R5500 allows users to monitor complex waveforms in more locations, while leveraging Keysight’s 89600 VSA, software tools for demodulation and vector signal analysis.

“The combined solution clearly addresses the specific requirements for signals intelligence, wireless intrusion detection and regulatory monitoring by allowing users to get deep and consistent analysis across many different deployment scenarios,” said Dr. Nikhil Adnani, chief technology officer at ThinkRF.

“Our goal is multi-vendor connectivity—to enable connectivity with 89600 VSA software to more platforms, enhancing our users’ ability to get consistent measurements for more application,” said Charles Plott, marketing and planning manager of Keysight Technologies’ Design Engineer Software organization.

The ThinkRF R5500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer gives users capabilities to see the full picture across modern, complex waveforms. Applications such as signals intelligence (SIGINT), technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM), and regulatory monitoring benefit, according to ThinkRF, from the cost, size and networkability of the platform.