Pickering Interfaces 42-926-001 PXIe Chassis

Pickering Interfaces 42-926-001 PXIe Chassis Offers 18 Slots

  • Pickering Interfaces, a provider of modular switching and signal simulation solutions for electronic test and verification, is offering the 42-926-001 Series PXIe Chassis available in 8 weeks.
  • This 18-slot PXIe chassis offers Gen2 performance and has twice the cooling capacity per slot than the PXISA specification while delivering more backplane power, according to Pickering.

The 42-926-001 Series PXIe chassis incorporates one PXIe system slot, one PXIe timing slot and 16 hybrid PXI and PXI Express (PXIe) card slots. The chassis uses a single PCI segment with a dedicated PCIe-PCI bridge module for the hybrid slots.

High precision PXI-specific clocks and trigger signals are generated and controlled by an independent clock module attached to the backplane.

A high data bandwidth of 8GB/s system level and 2GB/s slot-to-slot (max) is supported and a 10MHz external clock input/output is provided on the rear panel.

The chassis is equipped with a 1200W power supply mounted on the rear of the unit with enough capacity to support PXI modules with high current requirements.

Three 120 mm fans provide optimal cooling of the PXI modules, and a direct convection design allows the chassis to operate over an ambient temperature range of 0°C to +50°C.

A chassis management system monitors power supply voltage, internal temperature and cooling fan speed. The operating status of the chassis can be monitored remotely via a port on the rear panel.

This rack mountable chassis has a 4U profile. Pickering also offers Gen3 hybrid PXIe chassis in 18-slot (model 42-925) and 8-slot (model 42-924) versions that support the latest generation of PXI and PXIe modules. A standard three-year warranty covers all Pickering chassis.