Pickering Interfaces equips the PATS-70A test systems of the a-10C attack aircraft with the PXI 45-542 switch matrix module.

Pickering PXI switching module participates in A-10C aircraft ground test

Pickering Interfaces, a provider of modular switching and simulation systems for electronic testing and verification, has been awarded a contract by the US Air Force, Ogden Air Logistics Complex, located in Hill AFB, Utah, for high-density 6U PXI matrix modules (model 45-542).
These 6U PXI format switching modules are embedded in the PATS-70A (portable Automated Test Set) portable automatic test system for O and I level maintenance on the A-10C attack aircraft.

Pickering Interfaces will equip more than 100 PATS-70A systems with the PXI 45-542 switching matrix module. “This is one of the largest military contracts ever awarded to Pickering Interfaces,” said Keith Moore, CEO of Pickering Interfaces.

This is the second order Pickering has received for these matrices since the initial deployment of the PATS-70A tester in 2014. The PATS-70A program will evolve to have the capability to test additional weapon systems while testing existing avionics functionality.

Module 45-542 is a high density PXI 6U matrix with 1,056 points (132×8). It assumes currents of 1A and voltages of 170VDC/120VAC. It was designed according to the specifications required by the US Air Force. Tests conducted by the US Air Force confirmed that the matrix is capable of withstanding the capacitive load seen by the A-10C.

The PXI 45-542 switch matrix is an off-the-shelf module with a three-year warranty.