Pickering Interfaces's 40-785B PXI microwave multiplexers

Pickering’s PXI microwave multiplexers reache 50 GHz frequencies

Pickering Interfaces, provider of modular signal switching and simulation for electronic test and verification, has expanded its 40-785B PXI microwave multiplexers range with 50GHz modules.
These modules are single or dual 6-channel multiplexers with relays mounted on the front panel. They are suitable for switching 50Ω signals up to 50GHz.

The single slot version can support up to three remotely mounted multiplexers. All options comprise LEDs to indicate channel setting.

The 40-785B microwave multiplexer range is compatible with any PXI chassis and can be fitted to PXI hybrid slots in a PXIe chassis. It can also be used in Pickering’s Ethernet controlled LXI modular chassis with a choice of 18 and 7 slots, as well as their 2-slot USB/LXI chassis for remote mount relay requirements.
The product range is also supported by Pickering’s signal routing software Switch Path Manager, for simplified signal routing through complex switching systems.