ATS-3100 PXI Integration Platform from Astronics Test Systems

Astronics Test Systems introduces the ATS-3100 PXI Integration Platform

The ATS-3100 PXI Integration Platform from Astronics Test Systems includes a chassis, a controller, a backplane and the internal cabling enabling an automatic test system’s design. 

Astronics, through its subsidiary Astronics Test Systems, announced the PXI ATS-3100 platform, a turnkey system for creating and configuring test and measurement applications based on a PXI modular architecture.

The Astronics’s ATS-3100 features :

  • 18-slot hybrid PXI/PXI Express chassis
  • The latest NI backplane technology
  • Reconfigurable front and rear panels for customer defined I/O for a variety of applications
  • Internal cable and connection management
  • Touchscreen display
  • Controller
  • Mechanical packaging
  • Compatibility with TestStand or LabVIEW software from NI

The ATS-3100 is a modular system that can integrate instruments from Astronics Test Systems as well as those from any supplier.

The Astronics’s PXI instruments available include a digitizer, pulse pattern generator, waveform generator, frequency time and interval counter, rubidium, and digital test instrument . The configurable platform provides the ability to update instruments and software at any time.

The PXI ATS-3100 platform can be customized by Astronics to provide a turnkey system that meets the requirements of its customers test applications.

Astronics Test Systems introduced the PXI ATS-3100 integration platform for the first time at NIWeek in Austin, Texas, May 22-25, 2017.