Pico Technology's DeepMeasure waveform analysis tool

Pico equips its oscilloscopes with the DeepMeasure waveform analysis tool

  • Pico Technology announced the DeepMeasure analysis tool, supplied as standard with its modular oscilloscopes of the PicoScope 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 series.
  • DeepMeasure provides automatic measurement of waveform parameters over one million successive waveform cycles.
  • This tool allows to sort, analyze and correlate the results thanks to the display of waveforms.

Most digital oscilloscopes provide automated measurements of common parameters such as frequency, period, rise and fall times, service cycle, and maximum and minimum voltages, but according to Pico Technology measurements are generally limited to one cycle of the complete single waveform captured in the oscilloscope memory.

The subsequent waveform cycles in the same acquisition are displayed on the screen, but are not taken into account in the measurement results. Measurement statistics (max / min / average / sum) must be compiled on multiple acquisitions and irregular binary combinations may go unnoticed or ignored.

Oscilloscopes with large memory capacities, such as PicoScope 3000 (512 Mega Samples) and 6000 (2 Giga-Samples), can capture, according to at Pico Technology, waveforms with thousands of waveform cycles at maximum sampling rate with each triggered acquisition.

DeepMeasure delivers an array of results that includes each waveform cycle captured in memory. Ten waveform parameters are included in the first version of the tool and more than one million results of each parameter can be collected.

The array of captured results can be sorted by each parameter in ascending or descending order, in order to detect anomalies and identify the cause of complex problems.

By clicking, for example, on the heading of the column “Rise time”, one accesses the fastest (or slowest) rising time among up to 1 million cycles of waveforms. Double clicking on a specific measurement highlights the corresponding cycle in the oscilloscope view.

For further analysis, such as histograms and advanced data visualization, it is possible to export the data table for use with software such as Excel and Matlab.

DeepMeasure is a free downloadable tool for users of PicoScope 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 series oscilloscopes.