H-A33 pyramidal horn antenna from RF Spin.

RF Spin offers H-A33 pyramid horn antenna for 5G testing

  • The H-A33 antenna is specially developed by RF Spin for testing 5G communication equipment.
  • This pyramidal horn antenna covers a frequency band from 22 GHz to 33 GHz.

The H-A33 antenna, with a K-type coaxial connector, is made of a high quality aluminum alloy with a corrosion resistant coating.

Its standard mounting mechanism allows it to be mounted in the E or H plane while leaving the connector accessible on the back of the antenna.
# Main features :

  • Frequency range: 22 GHz – 33 GHz
  • VSWR (max): 1.3
  • VSWR (average): 1.15
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • K connector
  • Power (CW / Peak): 15 W / 30 W
  • Antenna factor: 40 – 42 dB/m
  • Polarization Linear
  • Mounting: Adapter with ¼ inch internal thread, supplied with the antenna.