Rohde & Schwarz's Cable Rider ZPH antenna and cable analyzer.

Rohde & Schwarz adds a two-port model to its Cable Rider ZPH analyzers

  • Rohde & Schwarz’s range of Cable Rider ZPH antenna and cable analyzers now includes a model with two ports.
  • This portable instrument designed for testing during installation and maintenance of communication antenna systems combines in the same housing: a cable and antenna analyzer, a spectrum analyzer, a signal generator and a polarization source.

With its two ports, the Cable Rider ZPH analyzer now has transmission measurement capabilities (S21). It also combines the functions of a spectrum analyzer and a tracking generator.

This portable instrument has a high sensitivity with an average displayed noise level (DANL) generally better than -146 dBm up to 3 GHz. The optional preamplifier ZPH-B22 improves sensitivity up to a DANL level of -163 dBm, making it possible to detect low-level signals when analyzing interference.

The tracking generator function allows scalar transmission measurements, such as frequency response measurements on RF filters. The internal bias source allows measurements to be made on tower mounted amplifiers (TMAs). The independent signal source can also be used to generate CW (continuous wave) signals.

Like the other models in the range, the new Cable Rider ZPH analyzer displays a measurement speed of 0.3 ms per point. It is also not necessary to calibrate it before use.

Its weight of 2.5 kg and battery life of up to 9 hours make the Cable Rider ZPH an ideal instrument for field measurement campaigns. The analyzer is controlled via its colour touch screen and keys whose size allows them to be activated even with work gloves.

The basic model of the R&S Cable Rider ZPH covers a frequency range up to 3 GHz which can be extended to 4 GHz via the R&S ZPH-B4 option which can be activated by code.