Robotic test solution R&S QAR50-R from Rohde & Schwarz.

Rohde & Schwarz and Löhnert present a robot-based solution for end-of-line measurement of automotive radomes and bumpers

  • Together with Löhnert Elektronik, Rohde & Schwarz has introduced a automated turnkey solution for bumper production radar transparency testing based on the R&S QAR50.
  • The lightweight and compact setup of the R&S QAR50-R facilitates precise positioning of the measurement antennas, allowing, according to Rohde & Schwarz, faster, more accurate and convenient testing.
  • This leads to higher throughput as well as more flexiblity to adapt to different DUTs, for End-of-line (EOL) measurements of bumpers and other exterior parts.

The imaging capabilities of the R&S QAR and R&S QAR50 allow for reliable and precise testing of large areas of the bumper. Both instruments are optimized for measuring automotive radomes and smaller exterior vehicle components. Due to their sheer dimensions, measuring bumpers and larger exterior parts comes with additional challenges. Up to now, according to Rohde & Schwarz, it has been challenging to measure complex and physically large parts in production. In order to provide a solution to those challenges, Rohde & Schwarz and Löhnert Elektronik have developed with a new turnkey solution for measuring automotive radomes in of all forms and shapes.

Based on the R&S QAR50 automotive radome tester, the R&S QAR50-R is able to measure the RF transmission, transmission phase and reflection of devices under test. Thanks to the electronic focusing, the instrument fulfills, according to Rohde & Schwarz, even the highest demands in terms of precision and accuracy in a production environment. The optionally available verification set allows radome and bumper suppliers trace the results back to national and international standards.

The R&S QAR50-R was designed with a focus on compactness and low weight in order to be compatible with standard 6-axis robots. Due to its design, the R&S QAR50-R, according to Rohde & Schwarz, reaches positions that could hardly be handled with other available test systems.