R&S FSVA3000 signal and spectrum analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz extends the analysis band of its R&S FSVA3000 signal and spectrum analyzer to 1 GHz

  • The analysis of broadband signals exploited by 5G NR radio access technology and next generation wireless communication standards requires a large analysis bandwidth.
  • The R&S FSVA3000 mid-range signal and spectrum analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz now offers a 1 GHz analysis band to meet this test requirement.

Manufacturers of systems, infrastructures and amplifiers for next-generation cellular and wireless communication applications can take advantage of a 1 GHz analysis bandwidth on a mid-range spectrum analyzer. According to Rohde & Schwarz, this analysis bandwidth has so far been reserved for high-end instruments only, while the analysis bandwidth of mid-range spectrum analyzers has been no more than 160 MHz.

An analysis bandwidth of up to 1 GHz is now available on its mid-range signal and spectrum analyzer of the R&S FSVA3000 family with the new hardware option R&S FSV3-B1000. This option is available for all instruments in the family, which, depending on the model, offer a frequency range from 7.5 GHz to 44 GHz.

With the downlink and 5G NR uplink measurement options, the R&S FSVA3000 can analyze 5G NR signals with multiple carriers. The instrument can also be used for the characterization of broadband amplifiers or for troubleshooting.

The R&S FSVA3000 analyzer, which has an automatic setup function for quick configuration of the most frequent measurements, now offers sufficient bandwidth for SEM and ACLR measurements of broadband signals, even in I/Q mode. The RF performance of the analyzer makes it possible to capture and predistort a 200 MHz bandwidth signal, for example, and measure the effects of distortion up to the fifth harmonic.

The R&S FSVA3000 spectrum and signal analyzer can also measure very fast rise and fall times (up to 1 ns rise time) and detect ultra-short pulses. This makes it possible to analyze frequency-agile signals in the 1 GHz band, such as those used in radar and tactical radio applications.