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Rohde & Schwarz hosts Electronic Design and Test Days

  • Electronic Design and Test Days, an online event organized by Rohde & Schwarz, is dedicated to high-speed digital design and power electronics.
  • Its information days will take place in a virtual format on April 13 and 14, 2021.
  • Participants will be able to attend live lectures, thematic presentations and demonstrations, visit a virtual exhibition and interact with experts via an interactive discussion platform.

April 13 will be dedicated to high-speed digital design and April 14 to power electronics.

In plenary sessions, key speakers will share their expertise and answer questions from the audience. Each of the two days will begin with a keynote presentation by a Rohde & Schwarz expert.

The first day of the event will kick off with an opening keynote by Jim Drewniak, President of Clear Signal Solutions, who will focus on signal and power integrity issues in high-speed digital design.

The introductory lecture on the second day, offered by Dr. Chris Dries, president and CEO of United SiC, is titled: Silicon Carbide, the semiconductor material that supports high-voltage power conversion.

Among the topics related to high-speed digital design, a presentation of the SIPI (signal integrity, power integrity) toolkit will be offered. Strategies for successful and efficient design, validation, debugging, conformance testing and certification processes will be presented.

Power electronics topics will include component evaluation and testing, switching analysis and converter design, batteries and power management systems, and debugging electromagnetic interference in power devices.