Rohde & Schwarz R&S FSWP and R&S FSPN phase noise analyzers and VCO testers

Rohde & Schwarz introduces improved performance for phase noise analysis and voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) measurements

  • Both the high end R&S FSWP phase noise analyzer and VCO tester plus signal and spectrum analyzer in one instrument (1 MHz at 8/26.5/50 GHz, 325 GHz with external mixers), and the R&S FSPN (1 MHz to 26,5 GHz) dedicated phase noise analyzer and VCO tester, are now upgraded.
  • Simultaneous hardware and software upgrades improve the performance even further, reducing noise levels and measurement times, and increasing accuracy. Both analyzers include test sequence recording functions (SCPI recorder), unique for this class of instrument.

The new hardware basis common to both phase noise analyzers includes upgraded DC sources with reduced noise levels, further enhancing sensitivity.

Users will appreciate the improved capacitive screen featuring higher color intensity and better antiglare properties, making the display brighter and clearer in all working conditions. In addition, multi-touch features like zoom are supported by the updated user interface.

For very low noise oscillators with the inherent noise largely thermal at wider offsets, any potential cross-spectral collapse is now suppressed. In particular for production use, higher measurement speed for VCO measurements will help reduce the cost of test.

With the newly introduced SCPI command recorder Rohde & Schwarz implements for the first time a function with phase noise measurement equipment to record sequences of manual settings. Using the command recorder, engineers can create repeatable test sequences, including the necessary synchronization to operate correctly.