Rohde & Schwarz vehicle antenna test system

Rohde & Schwarz to present EMC test solutions at EMV 2024

  • Rohde & Schwarz will be presenting a range of EMC test and measurement solutions at the EMV trade show in Cologne, March 12-14, 2024.
  • A large part of the German company’s stand will be devoted to demonstrations featuring applications for electromagnetic interference (EMI) compliance testing, EMC test automation, electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS) testing, electromagnetic interference (EMI) debugging and electromagnetic field (EMF) measurements.


EMI test receivers

For both device developers and test houses the R&S EPL1000 EMI test receiver offers full CISPR 16-1-1 compliant measurements up to 30 MHz. In addition, The R&S EPL1000 now also features 4 channel click rate measurements in line with the latest CISPR 14-1:2020 version, mandatory for household appliances and electric power tools.

EMI compliance testing ensures devices operate without causing electromagnetic interference. The key component of an EMI system is the test receiver. The R&S ESW EMI test receiver can expand its FFT bandwidth to 970 MHz, enabling it to measure the CISPR frequency Bands C and D in a single operation. The wide bandwidth ensures sporadic interference is intercepted. In addition, the measurement speed of the R&S ESW FFT bandwidth extension, enables new possibilities in EMI compliance testing, emission analysis and debugging.

EMC test softwares

The R&S Elektra test software controls the entire EMC system, automating measurements of the equipment under test (EUT) for emissions (EMI) and immunity (EMS). Elektra now supports measurements in reverberation chambers (RVC) and will be demonstrated at the R&S booth. The R&S AdVISE visual inspection software will also be showcased at the show. This software automates the visual monitoring of an EUT during a test sequence, eliminating human error, ensuring reproducible results, and simplifying test documentation.

EMS immunity testing

Another highlight will be on advancements in EMS immunity testing, with a particular focus on broadband amplifiers and bulk current injection (BCI) systems. The R&S BBA300 family is a new generation of solid-state broadband amplifiers that offer an frequency range from 380 MHz to 6 GHz. Attendees will also have the opportunity to explore a compact rack solution for BCI. This solution including signal generator, broadband amplifier, power sensor, and software, providing a streamlined approach to EMS immunity testing.

EMI debugging

Demonstrations on EMI debugging will be shown by the Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes. One such demonstration will involve the oscilloscope R&S RTO6, which provides in-depth information on conducted emissions during device debugging. Also on display will be the new R&S MXO series of oscilloscopes, available in both 4 and 8 channel options. With the expended FFT processing power and advanced triggering options, the R&S MXO oscilloscopes are designed to expedite the EMI debugging process as well as DUT observation for EMS testing.

EMF testing

For EMF testing, Rohde & Schwarz showcases the R&S FPH handheld spectrum analyzer in combination with the R&S TS- EMF isotropic antenna up to 8 GHz: A solution to measure electromagnetic fields covering the new radio services such as WiFi 6E and the complete 5G FR1 Frequency band up to 7.125 GHz. Higher frequencies up to 44 GHz can be measured with a handheld directional antenna such as the R&S HE800-PA. The EMF measurement option for the R&S FPH provides automated testing and a customizable report.