R&S RTP oscilloscopes series from Rohde&Schwarz.

Rohde&Schwarz launches R&S RTP oscilloscopes with up to 8 GHz bandwidth and real-time trigger system

  • In January 2018, Rohde&Schwarz significantly expanded its range of entry-level oscilloscopes by announcing the RTC1000, RTM3000 and RTA4000 evolving instrument families.
  • This time, it is in the field of high-performance oscilloscopes that the German manufacturer wishes to differentiate itself.
  • Rohde&Schwarz today announced the R&S RTP oscilloscope range, which includes different models with 4 channels, bandwidths of 4, 6 or 8 GHz and sampling rates up to 20 GS/s.
  • These oscilloscopes, whose bandwidth and memory depth are scalable after their purchase, have a memory depth of 50Mpts per channel and up to a maximum of 2 Gpts optional.
  • Rohde&Schwarz is already announcing that this oscilloscope family will be supplemented by instruments with higher frequency bandwidths in 2019.

The R&S RTP oscilloscopes range uses conversion circuits that, according to Rohde&Schwarz, have been designed in-house to enhance the integrity of signals acquired in real time.

These instruments operate a real-time “Deembedding” system whose role is to compensate for transmission and mismatch losses of probes, cables, and other adapters used to connect the unit under test to the oscilloscope.

This “Deembedding” operation is carried out by an equalization process by digital filtering and implemented before the acquisition and the trigger block. The acquisition trigger is therefore activated on corrected waveforms which, according to Rohde&Schwarz, reduces post-processing times.

According to Arnaud Combes of Rohde & Schwarz, this is an “unique solution for triggering on corrected waveforms”.
The R&S RTP series oscilloscopes combine several measurement and analysis functions :

  • Oscilloscope with 4 analog inputs up to 8 GHz bandwidth
  • Protocol analyzer: triggering and decoding tools
  • Acquisition of digital signals (400 MHz) via 16 digital inputs (MSO option)
  • Frequency Domain Analysis (FFT)
  • Multi-channel power analysis


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