TGF3000 arbitrary signal and function generators from Aim-TTi.

RS Components offers TTi’s TGF3000 arbitrary signal and function generators

  • RS Components (RS), the brand of Electrocomponents, distributor of electronic components, industrial equipment and test and measurement instruments, announces the availability in its catalogue of two arbitrary function and signal generators from the TGF3000 range of Aim-TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) with which RS has been a partner for 40 years.
  • Both standard signal and arbitrary waveform generators in the TGF3000 range can deliver signals up to frequencies of 80 and 160 MHz.

These generators are equipped with two channels which can operate in independent, coupled or tracking mode. They are also distinguished by their phase control capability to within 0.001 degrees.

These instruments can generate various standard waveforms as well as custom signals at sampling rates up to 800 MS/s. Software for editing and generating arbitrary waveforms, running on a PC, is supplied with the instrument.

Other features are available, such as pulse generation with a 100ps wide resolution with a 30ps lower jitter and variable rise and fall times.

Several modulation modes are also available (gate, burst and scan modes) that can be triggered by internal or external sources.

The TGF3000 range consists of two models with two outputs and a frequency band of 160 MHz (TGF3162) and 80 MHz (TGF3082).
# Main features of the TGF3000 generators :

  • 2 independent or linked channels in coupled and tracking modes.
  • Frequency range: 0.001mHz to 80MHz (TGF3082) or 160MHz (TGF3162) for sinus signals and square signals up to 50MHz with variable duty cycle, adjustable rise time up to 5 ns.
  • Vertical resolution: 16 bits (TGF3162) and 14 bits (TGF3082).
  • Waveform memory: 8192 points.
  • Sampling frequency: 800MS/s (TGF3162) and 400MSa/s (TGF3082).
  • Standard waveform generation: sine, square, ramp, pulse.
  • Generation of noise on a frequency band 100MHz (TGF3162) and 62.5MHz (TGF3082).
  • Pulse generation with a resolution of 100ps width.
  • Generation of a pseudo-random PRBS bit sequence with 8 sequence lengths.
  • Harmonic generation using up to 16 harmonics.
  • Digital and internal/external analog modulation capabilities.
  • Modulation frequencies up to 10MHz internal and 5MHz external.
  • 125MHz frequency counter with five measuring modes.
  • Waveform Manager Plus waveform editing software under Windows included.
  • Front USB port for waveform storage and file transfer.
  • USB and LAN (LXI) interfaces – optional GPIB.
  • 2U half rack housing.