Spectrum digitizerNetbox DN2.59x-08-Dig

Spectrum adds additional digital inputs to its LXI digitizerNetbox family

  • The DN2.59x-08-Dig option offered by Spectrum Instrumentation allows 8 digital lines to be added to four LXI format digitizer models of the digitizerNetbox family.
  • These 8 digital inputs complement the 3 multipurpose I/O lines and the 8 analog inputs.
  • The DN2.59x-08-Dig option is available for units of the digitizerNetbox family with 8 analog inputs sampled at 16-bit resolution: DN2.591-08 (5 MS/s), DN2.592-08 (20 MS/s), DN2.593-08 (40 MS/s) and DN2.596-08 (80/125 MS/s).

The digitizers simultaneously acquire 8 analog and 11 digital signals synchronously. Access to the 19 channels is via the BNC connectors on the front panel.

The signal acquisition units are supplied with software and tools for integration into a variety of test systems.

The analog inputs can be configured by software as single-pole or differential inputs. Each channel has its own analog-to-digital converter and an independent amplifier. The amplifiers have selectable input impedance (50 Ohms and 1 MOhms) with calibrated gain ranges from ±200 mV to ±10V full scale.

The digitizers offer various trigger and acquisition modes. Triggering on problem signals (like glitches, spikes, bursts or even when specific logic patterns occur) allows storing the recorded waveforms in the most memory efficient way possible. Transient capture, Multiple (burst) Recording, Gated Sampling, ABA sampling and data streaming (FIFO) modes are all supported.

The implementation of the DN2.59x-08-Dig option, however, reduces the resolution. To ensure phase synchronization of analog and digital signals, one-bit digital signals are placed in the most significant bits of the analog waveforms. Thus, if all eight digital channels are used, the resolution of the analog channels would be reduced from 16 to 14 bits.

This option is supported by the Software Development Kit (SDK) which includes programming in C++, C#, VB.NET, Python, JAVA, LabVIEW or MATLAB. The SDK is included as standard with each scanner. SBench 6, Spectrum’s software, also supports most of the functionality of the DN2.59x-08-Dig option.