EX1401 acquisition module in LXI format from VTI Instruments for voltage and temperature measurements.

VTI Instruments offers the EX1401 acquisition module in LXI format for voltage and temperature measurements

  • VTI Instruments has announced the LXI format acquisition module of the EX1401 series with 16 channels for voltage and temperature measurements via thermocouples.
  • The EX1401 acquisition module has an accuracy of ±0.20°C, 1000 V channel isolation, integrated self-test capabilities.

Each channel has its own 24-bit resolution analog-to-digital converter, Cold Junction Compensation (CJC) and Open Thermocouple Detection (OTD) functions.

The instrument is powered via its Ethernet port (PoE+) or via a DC power supply for portable applications.

With an acquisition capacity of 20 Kilo-samples per second per channel, the EX1401 is suitable for applications where temperatures vary rapidly.

It can be used for automotive and battery tests, accelerated stress tests (HALT/HASS), health monitoring and engine test benches.

The LXI interface allows the EX1401 to be placed close to the device under test, reducing the length of the sensor connection cable and associated electromagnetic interference.

The instrument has an integrated self-test function that signals the status of the instrument and any malfunctions.

An integrated web interface allows data to be configured and displayed.

EXLab Express, VTI’s data acquisition software, is supplied with each instrument, eliminating the need for programming.

The EX1401 also supports the IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) to synchronize measurements from various networked devices.
# Main features of the VTI EX1401 :

  • Typical accuracy ±0.20°C
  • 16 insulated universal thermocouple/voltage inputs
  • Power over Ethernet+ (PoE+)
  • Sampling rate 20 Ks/s per channel
  • 24 bit Analog to Digital converter per channel
  • Ground-channel insulation: 500 V
  • Channel-channel isolation: 1000 V
  • Data acquisition and recording mode
  • Integrated parallel data flow
  • Embedded web interface
  • LXI Ethernet interface
  • 8-bit isolated digital inputs/outputs
  • Form factor 1U in half-rack