EMX-75XX range of PXI Express digital I/O modules from VTI Instruments.

VTI Instruments extends its EMX-75XX range of PXIe digital I/O modules

  • VTI Instruments announced the launch of the EMX-75XX series of digital I/O modules that complement its Core ATE (Core Automated Test Equipment) range of solutions in PXI Express (PXIe) format.
  • The EMX-75XX series is designed to integrate with other PXI modules within an automatic test system.

The EMX-75XX PXIe module range supports various I/O configurations and logic levels. Dedicated input or output modules are available for applications with a large number of channels. Other modules offer eight 8-bit ports (64 channels) that can be configured as input or output by programming.

The modules are available with internal pull-up resistors simplifying external wiring. Using integrated clamping diodes, the EMX-7510 has the ability to sink currents up to 300 mA, allowing drive and sense of external devices such as relays.

Several logical levels are supported, including TTL and LV TTL. Internal voltage levels of 3.3 V, 5 V, 12 V and 24 V as well as user customizable voltage levels from 2 V to 60 V. In addition, a 1000 V optical isolation system protects against harmful transient voltage levels. The virtual front panel delivering real-time information allows software configuration and debugging operations by providing a visual indication of the I/O status without the need for external software.

The EMX-7510 offers a selectable voltage range of 300 mA on each channel, over a voltage range of 2 V to 60 V, using integrated clamping diodes. With eight channels of eight bits each, this board operates in both source and sink mode.

The EMX-7511 and EMX-7512 modules, dedicated to TTL or LV TTL logic levels, are equipped with 64 channels.

The EMX-7513 offers 32 isolated input channels and 32 isolated output channels. It operates over a voltage range of 2.5 V to 60 V and 50 mA in sink/source mode. Its potential-free is suitable for applications requiring optical integrity and isolation.

The EMX-7514 and EMX-7515 modules offer 64 input/output channels. The EMX-7514 operates in source/sink mode at 50 mA in AC or DC at 60 V. With its potential-free, this module has optical isolation. The EMX-7515 covers a voltage range from 2.5V to 60V and also has optical isolation.