InstrumentStudio software from National Instruments (NI) for PXI automatic test systems.

InstrumentStudio from NI aims to simplify the development of PXI test systems

  • National Instruments (NI) announced at NIWeek 2018, its annual event held this week in Austin, Texas, the launch of InstrumentStudio software.
  • InstrumentStudio aims to simplify the development and tuning of automatic test systems.
  • The objective of this tool is to improve the interactivity and real-time use of the NI’s modular PXI instruments and to make development more intuitive during test execution.

With InstrumentStudio, the concept of software front panels dedicated to a single instrument evolves towards a homogeneous environment for several instruments. This solution allows to take screenshots and record measurement results in a single view created from the range of instruments used.

InstrumentStudio can also save project configurations for specific test units, which can then be reused or shared. This tends to improve the efficiency of testing of multi-component materials and to ensure the repeatability of tests.

During the different phases of the product design cycle, it is necessary to decorrelate the measurements between similar tests performed with separate equipment. InstrumentStudio allows configuration files to be exported to programming environments that replicate parameters, simplifying measurement correlation. It also makes it possible to monitor the behavior of PXI instruments while test sequences run in parallel.

InstrumentStudio, supplied for any purchase of a NI PXI instrument, is the latest addition to the platform built around the Texas manufacturer’s software.