Tektronix's PCIe 5.0 testing and debugging solution

Tektronix Announces PCI Express 6.0 Test Solution

  • Tektronix is introducing a PCI Express 6.0 test solution just weeks after the PCI-SIG working group published the specifications and validation requirements for PCI Express (PCIe) serial bus version 6.0.

To meet the ever-increasing performance demands for data transmission rates, the PCIe 6.0 standard moves to PAM4 signaling and opts for new error correction techniques.

The Tektronix test solution includes measurement software specific to PCIe 6.0 requirements validation, enhanced PAM4 DSP capabilities with Tektronix’ PAMJET application, and oscilloscope noise compensation to improve the accuracy of results. It includes dedicated analysis tools for SNDR and uncorrelated jitter measurements, both of which are mandatory requirements of PCIe 6.0.

The PCIe 6.0 Spec Transmitter Validation Solution is designed for use with Tektronix’ ATI DPO70000SX series of oscilloscopes offering 50 GHz bandwidth and above.

“Tektronix’ PCIe 6.0 test solution has come to market quickly due to the company’s involvement in the PCI-SIG working group, where it has helped define the measurement methodologies for the standard,” said David Bouse, PCI Express Principal Technology Lead at Tektronix and participant in the PCI-SIG working group.

Tektronix customer Alphawave, a silicon IP block supplier, worked with Tektronix to validate the PCIe 6.0 physical layer designs. Tektronix was heavily involved in defining the measurement methodologies for PCIe at 64 GT/s data rates, which gave our engineers increased confidence that the new requirements of this standard would be met prior to its release,” said Clint Walker, vice president of marketing at Alphawave.