Keithley DMM7512 multimeter.

Tektronix integrates two 7½-Digit multimeters in a compact housing

  • The Keithley DMM7512 multimeter from Tektronix integrates two independent 7½-Digit multimeters into a housing that is one rack wide and 1U high.

Intended for manufacturing tests, the DMM7512 multimeter without front panel allows to capture transient signals and waveforms thanks to its digitizer with a resolution of 18 bits and a sampling rate of 1MS/s.

This multimeter offers a sensitivity of 1µV in voltage and 0.1nA in current.

It can record 27.5 million time-stamped measurements.

Each multimeter integrated in the housing can capture the complete profile of a waveform and trigger on a variety of parameters.

For DC measurements, the DMM7512 has sensitivities of 10nV, 0.1µΩ and 1pA. It supports high-precision, low-resistance measurements with Ohms offset compensation, four-wire measurement and dry circuit measurement.

The execution of test scripts is accelerated by the use of Keithley’s TSP technology (Embedded Test Script Processor). The PC does not need to send a command for each action of the instrument.

One of the DMM7512’s two multimeters can be configured as a master controller both to perform test routines and to control other instruments through Keithley’s TSP-Link instrument-to-instrument interface.