Tektronix optical modules for DSA8300 sampling oscilloscope

Tektronix launches optical modules for 400G test

  • Tektronix offers two optical modules for its DSA8300 sampling oscilloscope for 400G transmission components tests.
  • The US manufacturer also announces support for the latest 400G PAM4 TDECQ measurement functions with a software package optimized for 4-channel parallel processing for high throughput manufacturing tests.

The optical transmission components are migrating to 400G technologies and PAM4 encoding to meet the growing demand for more bandwidth in datacenters.

The new modules and functionalities, as well as all Tektronix solutions for the 100G/400G optical characterization and validation, were presented at the OFC Conference and Exhibition on Optical Networks and Communications held in San Diego, California, March 11-15, 2018.

Tektronix also presented a new 56 GBaud single-mode optical probe for its DPO70000SX real-time oscilloscope at the event.

When installed on the DSA8300 sampling oscilloscopes, the 80C20 and 80C21 optical modules for PAM4 and NRZ encoding formats of 56 GBaud feature 9µW optical noise.

The 80C21 module, equipped with two channels, doubles the throughput and capacity of optical component manufacturing tests.

A set of PAM4 analysis tools is available to decompose the signal content in terms of noise and jitter to understand the cause of a problem.

The 80C20 and 80C21 optical modules and enhancements to the 400G test software will be available from April 2018.