Tektronix TekDrive Software

Tektronix TekDrive software makes it easy to share data and work collaboratively

  • Tektronix announces the availability of its TekDrive software solution that provides the ability to share data from an oscilloscope directly from the instrument display, PC, phone or tablet via the cloud.

Designed to facilitate data access and collaborative work, TekDrive enables instant sharing and recall of data directly from an oscilloscope, eliminating the need for time-consuming IT procedures.

According to Tektronix, 70 percent of oscilloscope users need to transfer data. “Engineers often use unsecured USB memory sticks, or worse, take pictures of the instrument’s screen with a phone,” said Siddharth Deliwala, director of laboratory programs at the University of Pennsylvania. “Our customers report insecure, awkward and unreliable data sharing practices. With TekDrive, data sharing is secure and lightning fast,” said Tami Newcombe, president of Tektronix.

TekDrive makes data automatically accessible, usable and shareable remotely by teams and partners working on the same projects while providing the necessary level of security. This software tool enables the visualization of data, information and waveforms displayed on the screen of an oscilloscope. Using a web browser, it is possible to view, zoom, pan waveforms, take measurements, perform bus decoding and other analysis on signals on any device without the need for additional software.

TekDrive provides an ergonomic interface for organizing, managing, searching, downloading and uploading files. Data is instantly stored in shared folders that can be accessed from anywhere. Administrators can of course manage secure access permissions finely and according to their own requirements.

TekDrive can also be integrated with other solutions via secure, vendor-independent REST APIs for scripting, automation and analysis. Tektronix also provides software development kits (SDKs) and examples in several languages, such as Python, Matlab and LabVIEW. In addition, the TekCloud Developer Program allows third-party developers to add TekDrive functionality to their devices, instruments and software applications. Any hardware or software vendor can integrate their products into the TekCloud storage, streaming, visualization and analysis ecosystem.