Tektronix TekScope PC Software

Tektronix offers TekScope software for remote signal analysis of multiple oscilloscopes

  • TekScope PC software enhances its multi-oscilloscope analysis capabilities to allow users to remotely view and analyze real-time data captured from up to 32 channels of four scopes simultaneously from a single central point via a single interface.

Tektronix accelerated the development of TekScope so that engineers, forced to work remotely due to health measures resulting from the global COVID-19 pandemic, could continue to operate in the field of electronic test and measurement. The new multi-scope analysis feature allows them to process, analyze and share data without being physically next to an oscilloscope or in the test environment.

This multi-oscilloscope analysis function allows customers to remotely control the acquisition parameters of all oscilloscopes simultaneously without having to configure each oscilloscope independently.

TekScope is compatible with all Tektronix oscilloscopes. It can be remotely connected to 4/5/6 Series MSO, 5/6 Series MSO low-profile compact scopes, DPO 70000C, 70000SX and 70000DX oscilloscopes, as well as TBS 1000 and TBS 2000 general purpose oscilloscopes. Users can extract real-time data from the scopes to the TekScope PC software and perform local analysis and debugging of up to 32 channels simultaneously.

TekScope PC Software provides a PC with the analysis environment of an oscilloscope. Users can perform a variety of analyses outside the lab, such as serial bus decoding, power analysis, as well as synchronization, eye diagram and jitter analysis. Users can retrieve data from their scope and continue their work from anywhere while easily sharing analysis results with their peers.

With TekScope, users can free up their scope, allowing others to use it while they analyze and debug the acquired data on their PC. They can share data and work on actual data files, not screenshots. Users can zoom in on waveforms, move cursors, take measurements, etc., while sharing their investigations with colleagues.