Tektronix TBS2000B Series Oscilloscope

Bandwidth of Tektronix TBS2000B Series Oscilloscopes reaches 200 MHz

  • Tektronix announces the TBS2000B family of 2- and 4-channel digital oscilloscopes designed to meet the performance, user-friendliness and affordability requirements of engineers and educational institutions.
  • The maximum frequency range of the TBS2000B oscilloscopes now reaches 200 MHz, offering a choice of frequencies expandable from 70 MHz to 100 and 200 MHz.
  • The maximum sampling rate increases to 2 GS/s for a recording length of 5 Mpts on all channels.

The TBS2000B series oscilloscopes have the same form factor and programmable interface as the existing TBS2000 series oscilloscopes they replace.

These oscilloscopes, with a 9-inch WVGA display, have 2 or 4 inputs depending on the model. They adopt a new design of their input stage which, by inducing a low noise level, ensures signal integrity and more accurate measurements. Waveform-moving cursors combined with search and marker functions are designed to facilitate event identification. These instruments offer 32 automated measurements and an FFT waveform analysis function.

The probe connection interface TekVPI™ supports a variety of active, differential and current probes with automatic scaling and unit of measure support.

The bandwidth of these oscilloscopes is field-upgradeable after purchase from 70MHz to 100MHz to 200MHz.

These instruments can communicate via a Wi-Fi link through a Wi-Fi dongle that connects to their USB port. They have 2 USB host ports and a 100-BaseT Ethernet port.

These instruments are suitable for the education sector due to their learning functions and built-in instructions. HelpEverywhere provides menu-driven advice: measurement information, application tips in text and graphics.

The TekSmart software Lab™ allows multiple instruments to be configured and monitored from a single PC via a network connection. This can be useful for teachers. The tutorial ecosystem allows teachers to load information into the TBS2000B to guide students during hands-on work. The automatic adjustment function, cursors and automatic measurements can be disabled to facilitate the teaching of basic concepts.