RS Pro 2205A-20 oscilloscope

The 2205A-20 oscilloscope module complements the RS Pro offer

  • RS Components (RS), the brand name of Electrocomponents, a global distributor of products for engineers, completes its range of RS Pro instruments with the 2205A-20 compact oscilloscope.
  • The RS Pro 2205A-20 oscilloscope is a modular instrument powered by the USB port of the computer that drives it.

This instrument has two analog inputs and a 20 MHz bandwidth. It integrates a generator of standard signals and arbitrary waveforms (AWG). The generator delivers standard signals (sinusoidal, square, triangular, etc.) up to 100 kHz as well as arbitrary waveforms with 12-bit resolution at a maximum rate of 1.5 MS/s.

The compact module (142×92 x 18.8 mm), with a weight of 200 grams, is connected to a PC via a USB 2.0 (USB 3.0 compatible) connection for its power supply.

The free PicoScope 6 software for control and signal processing is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7,8 and 10 on PC. It is possible to print or export captured waveforms to create reports, share them or analyze data.

RS Pro 2205A-20 oscilloscope is now available from RS at a price of 174 euros excluding VAT. It comes with two interchangeable probes and a 5-year warranty.
# Main features of RS Pro 2205A-20:

  • Two analog channels
  • Maximum sampling rate: 100 MS/s on two channels, 200 MS/s on one channel, 4 GS/s in equivalent time.
  • 8-bit resolution up to 12-bit resolution by digital processing
  • Memory depth of 16 kS shared between active inputs.
  • Capture of 100 MS waveforms in USB streaming.
  • Input voltage range: from ±50 mV to ±20 V.
  • RMS noise less than 150 microvolts
  • Maximum harmonic distortion of -50 dB.

# Features of the RS Pro 2205A-20:

  • Signal generator and AWG
  • Spectral analysis (FFT)
  • Mathematical functions
  • Automatic measurements in time or frequency mode
  • Persistent color and XY display modes
  • Mask test limit
  • Digital trigger modes
  • Serial bus decoding: CAN, LIN, SPI, I2C, I2S, UART, etc.
  • Presentations of results in the form of tables and color graphs, with filter, search and export options.