PEL106 electrical data logger from Chauvin Arnoux

Chauvin Arnoux completes its range of electrical recorders with the PEL106 and PEL104 models

  • Chauvin Arnoux is strengthening its PEL100 range of data loggers with the new PEL106 and PEL104 models.
  • These instruments offer new measurement and communication modes including wireless data transmission via a 3G/GPRS network.

The PEL100 range of data loggers can be used for power and energy metering (NF EN ISO 14001), determination of energy efficiency (European directive 2012/27/EU), electricity consumption audits (NF EN ISO 50001), validation of energy consumption as well as for maintenance and diagnostic interventions.

The installation of the PEL100 loggers does not require the power supply to be disconnected. These instruments measure TRMS voltages and currents, active, apparent and reactive powers as well as total or partial energy. Their acquisition speed is 5 measurements per second. Associated with remote L452 loggers, the PEL106 records analog measurements (external parameters, up to 8×2 channels) such as temperature, pressure, motor torque…

The PEL104, via the dedicated Android application, can perform measurements for motor applications: speed, torque and motor efficiency.

PEL104 electrical data logger from Chauvin Arnoux

The PEL104 and PEL106 data loggers are equipped with various communication interfaces: USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G/GPRS. The 3G/GPRS mode allows, via a SIM card inserted in the recorder, to connect to it remotely via a GSM/3G cell phone link. Access to the PEL106 is also possible via an IRD server.

The compact models (PEL102, PEL103 and PEL104), thanks to their magnetic casing, can be easily installed in an electrical cabinet.

The PEL106 model, integrated in an IP67 enclosure, is transportable in the field and can be positioned on an electrical pole.

The PEL100 loggers are self-powered directly from the phase using an accessory supplied. They are equipped with a
LCD display with backlighting (except for the PEL102 model), with a triple or quadruple digital display. The data is saved on an on-board SD/SD-HC card.

The PEL Transfer software, supplied with the recorder, allows to analyze the recorded data. It calculates directly the cost of the consumed powers, and gives the result in the selected local currency. The Dataview software platform allows the setting of alarm thresholds and the generation of reports.

The loggers meet the requirements of the electrical safety categories 1000 V CAT IV (PEL106) / 1000 V CAT III (PEL104).