Dspace DARTS system

Dspace announces 60 GHz radar converter

  • Dspace offers a 60 GHz radar converter for validation of in-vehicle surveillance systems.
  • The function and performance of this solution will be presented at European Microwave Week, September 25-30 in Milan, Italy.

In the case of automated driving from SAE Level 3, the driver and passengers need to be continuously monitored by, among other things, radar solutions operating at 60 GHz to ensure that the driver can take the wheel at any time and that the passengers remain seated.

To test such radar sensors, Dspace has expanded its range of solutions for simulating radar targets with the HBC-7066V DARTS converter, which allows any Dspace DARTS system in the 60 GHz V-band to also operate in the field.

The entire sensor transmission channel can be validated by an OTA (over-the-air) test procedure. By using various DARTS equipment, specific test requirements such as distances below one meter or processing bandwidths up to 5 GHz are supported.

DARTS systems are intended for a variety of applications in the development process of radar sensors and vehicles equipped with them: chip design, controller testing, vehicle testing, end-of-line testing and vehicle certification.