EA Elektro-Automatik EA-BT 20000 triple-output battery tester.

EA Elektro-Automatik offers the EA-BT 20000 range of triple-output battery testers

  • EA Elektro-Automatik, German manufacturer of programmable DC power supplies, bidirectional power supplies and regenerative loads, introduces the EA-BT 20000 family of triple-output battery testers.
  • With their three channels, the EA-BT 20000 battery testers can simultaneously test three batteries, thus accelerating test rates compared to instruments with a single output. This reduces test costs and saves on investment in instrumentation.

The new instruments can test up to three battery cells, modules or packs simultaneously at 4 kW/channel, 6 kW/channel or 10 kW/channel. For testing higher battery capacities, lanes can be paralleled to test 12 kW, 18 kW and 30 kW batteries.

The EA-BT 20000 Triple family comprises eight models with output voltages ranging from 10 V to 920 V, and a current output channel from 40 A to 600 A. A tester in this family can simultaneously supply three 600 A channels or a single 1800 A channel. A single-channel version of the EA-BT 20000 is also available for applications requiring lower capacity. The single-channel version has all the safety and communication speed advantages of the triple-output instrument, but up to 2000 V and 1000 A output.

Triple output battery testers can be used throughout the battery life cycle, from materials research to battery development, manufacturing, inspection and recycling. An EA-BT 20000 series tester can test single cells, battery modules and large battery packs for research and industry, including automotive, aerospace and renewable energy systems.

Automated battery testing

The EA-BT 20000 battery testers integrate in a single instrument the functionality required for charging and discharging battery packs in the process of battery testing, battery simulation and battery recycling. The testers measure parameters such as battery SOH (State-of-Health) and EOL (End-of-Life). With their relay outputs, the testers can control external contactors and safety circuits.

The EA-Power Control and EA-Battery Simulator software packages enable automated tester control, recording and sequencing without the need for a programming language.