Electro Rent's trackers for monitoring test and measurement equipments.

Electro Rent offers a monitoring and tracking solution for test and measurement equipment

  • Electro Rent, the electronic test equipment rental specialist, offers a solution that allows companies to track their test and measurement equipment in the field.
  • This monitoring solution is designed to reduce the time and cost of searching for lost or stolen equipment.
  • The service, which is based on IoT technologies, leverages trackers that communicate with Electro Rent’s instrument fleet management software application LEO to geo-locate equipment.
  • Users can thus know the real time location of their Test and Measurement instruments, anywhere in the world.

The communication system integrated to the trackers allows the transmission of data over the telephone network. The location of any lost or stolen asset is determined via three methods: GPS signals with an accuracy of 5 to 10 meters, positioning associated with any nearby Wi-Fi HubSpot or Wi-Fi router with an accuracy of 5 to 20 meters, or the cell phone network with an accuracy of 100 meters. The appropriate method is chosen based on the user’s location.

With a built-in accelerometer, a trigger alarm function on the tracker monitors any movement. Users can view and track the movement of their equipment on a map from their account on the LEO online application. It is also possible to focus on specific assets using filtering tools (depot, category, model and date).

Electro Rent’s equipment tracking solution offers the possibility to optimize the time of on-site maintenance technicians. It also identifies both in-demand and underutilized assets. This improves their utilization rate or encourages investment/contract transfer at the right time.

The data transmitted by the trackers can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the user account of the LEO software application based on a cloud platform and offered in SaaS mode. There is therefore no need to install software locally, nor to have a specific data reader. The SaaS platform integrates the latest OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) cybersecurity standards via a web browser.

The trackers are integrated into a compact (79 x 79 x 26mm), splash-proof and dust-proof housing in accordance with IP67. Various power options are available: 3 AA alkaline batteries, a rechargeable Li battery offering up to four years of service between charges, or a rechargeable Li battery with optional solar panel offering potentially unlimited battery life.

Electro Rent’s pricing to operate this solution includes hosting and global data roaming. Customized ERP integration with IT systems is available upon request.