EM Test's Ripple NX system for ripple immunity testing

EM Test offers the Ripple NX system designed for ripple immunity testing

  • The high power ripple generator has been designed by EM Test to perform ripple immunity tests.
  • This system delivers the necessary power (300 Hz to 300 kHz up to 1000V / 1000A DC) to test high voltage high power components, i.e. electric drives, high voltage batteries, DC-DC converters, on-board chargers and other high voltage components.
  • It can also be used to generate ripples on high power components used in avionics.

The powertrain requirements of today’s electric vehicles present unique EMC immunity challenges for vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers.

The AC induction motor is the preferred drive system for the latest generation of electric vehicles. However, the use of inverter technology to control the speed of the electric motor results in significant ripple disturbances superimposed on the DC power system.

To ensure that other components and systems are not affected by these disturbances, ripple immunity testing is now required by international standards such as ISO 21498-2 and ISO 7637-4, as well as manufacturer standards such as MBN 11123, VW 80300 and PSA B21 7712.

The Ripple NX system integrates all the components required for testing: LF amplifier (5 or 10 kVA, 10 Hz – 300 kHz, 160 Vp, 63 Ap or 126 Ap), transformers for inductive coupling, 10mF load and discharge capacitors, remote connectors for implementation in anechoic chamber.

This integration ensures minimal installation time, error-free wiring and reduced operator interaction. The components are designed to work optimally as a system, ensuring maximum system voltage, current and power.

The Ripple NX includes a touch panel display for local control and comes with a CAN/Ethernet/IEEE/OptoLink interface for remote control (SCPI command set, IVI-C drivers and LabView). This allows the solution to be integrated into existing test benches. Control software, providing a library of pre-programmed tests and a report generator, is also available.