Emitech EMC vehicle testing center.

Emitech inaugurates its vehicle EMC testing center

  • On March 16, Emitech inaugurated its vehicle test center at its Montigny le Bretonneux site (France).
  • Ten million euros have been invested in the construction, design and implementation of this EMC test center, which is adapted to large systems and a wide range of vehicles.

More than 200 people attended the event. They were able to see inside the huge anechoic chamber designed for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing of all kinds of vehicles.

This Faraday cage is indeed large enough. It was able to accommodate all the guests during the inauguration speeches by Matthieu Cognet, President of Emitech, Charles Rodwell, MP for the 1st constituency of Yvelines, Marc Mortureux, General Manager of the Automotive Platform (PFA), and Stephan Lassausse, General Manager of Emitech.

While this test chamber impresses with its dimensions (27x17x10.5 m), it stands out just as much for its features and testing capabilities: a 4.8mx4.8m entrance door, a maximum height of the equipment under test of 9.45 meters, an 11-meter-diameter turntable supporting 12 tons, a roller bench offering a wheelbase of 1.7 to 6 meters with a load capacity of up to 6 tons per axle, and a 40-ton heavy load area.

“The cage is great, but it’s not just that. It’s a real vehicle test center with state-of-the-art technical resources that meet current and future normative requirements and are run by teams with solid experience in EMC,” said Matthieu Cognet, president of the family-owned and operated company he founded in 1989, which now has 600 employees and has achieved €60 million in sales by 2022.

This imposing test chamber is associated with a Faraday cage of more modest dimensions (8×7.9×3.5m) intended for conducted immunity tests and which integrates a device enabling tests to be carried out during the charge and discharge phases of an electric vehicle’s battery.

If these test facilities have been designed to meet the challenges of vehicle electrification, they are also suitable for EMC pre-qualification and qualification testing of combustion engine, electric, hybrid and rechargeable hybrid and hydrogen automobiles, as well as large military systems, tractors, minibuses, agricultural machinery, construction equipment, etc.