Rohde & Schwarz TS8996 RSE EMC test system

Rohde & Schwarz offers an EMC test system covering 5G frequencies

  • Rohde & Schwarz announces a test solution for the measurement of interference emissions from 5G telecommunications components operating in the FR1 and FR2 frequency ranges.
  • The solution uses the R&S Elektra EMC test software that has been updated with the 5G-specific measurement and calibration routines.

The R&S TS8996 RSE test system covers the entire FR1 and FR2 frequency ranges implemented by 5G telecommunication systems for radiated spurious emission (RSE) measurement. The FR1 frequency range extends from 450 MHz to 7.125 GHz, while the FR2 frequency range extends from 24.25 GHz to 52.6 GHz.

This system is designed for the automatic measurement of interference emissions from 5G communication components and devices during the development and compliance testing phases. In addition to measuring radiated spurious emission (RSE), it also performs the required tests for electromagnetic interference (EMI).

The system consists of the R&S CMX500 5G radio communication tester for signal generation and the R&S ESW44 EMI test receiver, which performs measurements in frequency ranges up to 44 GHz. The system has a sensitivity of less than -40 dBm/MHz at frequencies up to 200 GHz.

Users who already have a Rohde & Schwarz RSE test system will be able to upgrade to take advantage of the new 5G test capabilities.
Rohde & Schwarz Elektra EMC software
The R&S Elektra EMC software can also be deployed on other automatic test systems. The interactive software offers different levels of automation. It enables measurements to be carried out during the development phases as well as automated preconformity and certification tests requiring electromagnetic interference (EMI) measurements. This software is adapted to the EMC certification process according to the current commercial and military standards as well as the EMC standards of the automotive industry. It can also be used to drive test systems for conducted and radiated electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS). The software can automatically generate test plans for individual tests, perform calibrations and evaluate the results. In each situation, the generator provides the required signal level according to IEC 61000-4-3/-4-6.