Rohde & Schwarz's Elektra EMC test software.

Rohde & Schwarz adds new features to its Elektra EMC test software

  • Rohde & Schwarz’s Elektra EMC test software automates tests for both electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS) measurements to develop products that comply with international standards.

Rohde & Schwarz offers additional options for its Elektra family of EMC test software to extend their application areas to a variety of industries, test laboratories and regulatory authorities.

The software options specific to conducted and radiated EMS tests now allow Elektra software to test the immunity of electronic products to RF interference.

The predefined libraries of current EMC standards and the automatic detection function of connected instruments aim to speed up the implementation of tests.

The software’s graphical user interface (GUI) is optimized for high-resolution displays and touch-screen operation on portable devices. It offers the possibility to access essential functions without navigating through several windows.

Users have an overview of their current work via a dashboard with their favorite elements. They have a keyword search, tagging and key element filtering tool.

The new test sequence editor allows the preparation of test sequences and the parallel execution of tests.

The software issues a test report in accordance with the test procedures conducted on the equipment under test and the standards applicable to it. Rohde & Schwarz also works closely with CISPR committees and contributes to the updating of EMC standards.

The Elektra EMC test software is now available. However, the R&S EMC32 software will continue to be offered and supported by Rhode & Schwarz.