EMCVu software for EMC testing with Tektronix RSA306B spectrum analyzer

Tektronix offers an all-in-one solution for EMC preconformity testing

  • Tektronix launches EMCVu software application dedicated to preconformity testing and EMC debugging.
  • This plug-in integrates with the SignalVu-PC, the control software of the RSA306B modular spectrum analyzer.

According to an Intertek white paper, about 50% of products do not meet electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test requirements. Tektronix has designed the EMCVu software to ensure product design meets these requirements.

EMC issues must be taken seriously when developing materials, objects or equipment for use in IoT (Internet of Things) applications. The multiplication of connected objects increases the risk of interference between electronic devices that use radio waves to communicate wirelessly.

These devices must meet specific requirements in terms of immunity to electromagnetic interference and must not exceed certain emission levels. It is therefore necessary to assess their compliance with these regulatory requirements. EMC pre-compliance testing requires specific material resources and the implementation of delicate test procedures. This can be long and costly.

With the new EMCVu plugin combined with the SignalVu-PC software for the Tektronix range of spectrum analyzers, it is now possible to conduct this type of testing.

The RSA306B real-time spectrum analyzers are modular devices integrated in a box without a front panel and powered by the USB connection of the PC that drives them. They are controlled by the SignalVu-PC software that can run on a laptop or tablet.

The SignalVu-PC application, combined with the EMCVu software option, offers the possibility of carrying out EMC preconformity tests and troubleshooting from a single user interface.

EMCVu offers wizard with built in support for standards, such as CISPR (International Special Committee on Radio Interference). Measuring accessories can be selected and configured at the touch of one button.

This solution also makes debugging easier with automatic ambient noise capture and multiple failure measurement. The availability of harmonic markers allows for in-depth spectral analysis.

Test results can be saved, including notes and images, in a customizable report in PDF or RTF format.

The spectrum analyzer and software are accompanied by a set of accessories suitable for EMC preconformity testing. To save time and not lose accuracy, the parameters related to the loss or gain of the various accessories have been pre-recorded in the software so that they are taken into account during measurements.

This all-in-one EMC pre-compliance testing solution includes an RSA306B spectrum analyzer, the SignalVu-PC application incorporating the EMCVu plugin, near-field probes, LISN, radiated test antennas, tripod and cabling. It is sold at a price of €28,543 ($26,655 US). Configurations without emission test accessories are available from 6 853 € ($6,400 US).