Fluke 393 FC Multimeter Clamp

Fluke 393 clamp-on multimeters with CAT III/1,500 V DC safety rating

  • The Fluke 393 and 393 FC clamp meters are approved to CAT III/1,500 V DC safety requirements according to the latest IEC/EN 61010-2-032:2019 safety standard for this type of instrument. This, according to their U.S. manufacturer, is a world first, whereas electrical safety category III instruments are traditionally limited to 1000 V DC .

The Fluke 393 clamp meters are capable of measuring TRMS voltages up to 1,500 V DC. They are intended for maintenance applications in all industrial or tertiary fields, but according to their manufacturer, they are particularly suited to the requirements of electrical energy production installations via solar panels.

The clamp is insulated to meet the requirements of CAT III at 1500 V DC. The multimeter’s insulated test leads are also rated CAT III 1500 V, while the multimeters offer CAT IV protection up to 600 V AC.

The clamp-on multimeters measure voltages up to 1500 V DC and 1000 V AC and current measurements up to 999.9 A (DC or AC) via their integrated jaws. The flexible iFlex current probe supplied with the instrument allows current measurements up to 2500 Amps AC. In addition to voltage and current measurements, DC power can be measured and recorded.

The instrument, which has a display that shows two measured values simultaneously, is built into an IP54-certified housing for dust and splash water resistance.

Solar junction boxes are often small and bulky, making it difficult to attach clamps for current measurements. To overcome this problem, the Fluke 393 clamp has a jaw that is 25% thinner than previous models from the manufacturer. This makes it easier to take measurements in tight spaces. This jaw meets CAT III electrical safety requirements for creepage and clearance.

An audible signal indicates correct PV polarity and a visual indicator provides continuity test results in low light environments.
The 393 FC clamp meter can connect to Fluke Connect, a software platform for collecting and sharing measurements. This eliminates the need to take handwritten notes on site. Fluke Connect allows service technicians and maintenance personnel to record measurements and share them with their team. Up to 65,000 measurement points can be recorded and uploaded.