Fluke Networks M12-X Industrial Ethernet Adapter.

Fluke Networks offers the Industrial Ethernet Adapter M12-X.

  • Fluke Networks announces the M12-X adapter for its DSX CableAnalyzer range of network cabling certification tools.
  • The M12-X adapter is a standard connector designed for harsh Ethernet environments, supporting communication speeds up to 10 gigabits per second.
  • This adapter allows the DSX series to connect to cabling systems via the M12-X connector during checking and troubleshooting operations before start-up.

“As a supplier of industrial Ethernet cabling systems, Panduit knows that it is essential to test cabling systems before they are commissioned,” said Michael Verbeek, senior manager of product management and engineering at Panduit. “Even when customers and subcontractors use quality components, variations in the installation process can cause problems ranging from intermittent network failures to complete outages, resulting in unexpected downtime. Certify that cabling installed in accordance with industry standards during deployment reduces start-up time and avoids costly downtime. »

“Studies show that more than half of industrial Ethernet network failures are due to cabling,” said Walter Hock, vice president and general manager of Fluke Networks. “This may include, for example, faulty connectors, cable breaks or shielding, sensitivity to electromagnetic interference or moisture, as well as cables that do not meet specifications or are too long. The DSX CableAnalyzer series can now ensure that the installed cables comply with Industrial Ethernet environments before the machines are started up, and troubleshoot these problems in the event of a fault. »

Fluke Networks’ DSX CableAnalyzer Series cable certification system supports a variety of cabling (up to category 8), single-mode and multimode fibers, as well as TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association), ISO and IEEE standards.

More than thirty cable manufacturers worldwide have approved the DSX CableAnalyzer series for the certification of their installed systems. The DSX CableAnalyzer series instruments allow the necessary tests to be performed, simply provide the results (Pass/Fail) and provide in-depth diagnostics.