Viavi OneExpert cable signal meter offers leakage detection capabilities

Viavi’s cable signal meters offer leakage detection capabilities

  • Viavi Solutions has integrated Trilithic’s leak detection technology into its range of portable instruments dedicated to cable transmission analysis.
  • Viavi acquired Trilithic in August 2017.
  • This leak detection function is available on Viavi OneExpert and Trilithic DSP instruments.

Faults on equipment, cables or connectors can cause RF signals to intrude into home networks. These leaks of signals harmful to the subscriber may also affect the operation of a network node.

This problem is more critical with the increase in transmission speeds, linked in particular to the use of version 3.1 of the DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) cable communication protocol, which further stress the the physical infrastructure, and as the number of domestic equipment transmitting radio frequency signals continues to increase.

As a reminder, version 3.1 of DOCSIS allows theoretical data rates of 10 Gbits/s in reception (download) and 1 Gbits/s in transmission (upload).

Trilithic has developed a patented technology for the detection of signal leaks from domestic links in digital and analogue cable systems in aeronautical and LTE frequency bands.

A portable transmitter, combined with a cable signal meter with an antenna and the appropriate firmware, can thus locate leaks.