Seica’s Rapid H8 Next > series flying probe tester

Flying probe test systems presented by Seica at Productronica 2019

  • Seica will present the Rapid range of flying probe test systems at the next Productronica trade fair in Munich from 12 to 15 November 2019 on its booth B3-570 in Hall B3.

The Rapid H8 Next > series flying probe tester has 8 independent test probes distributed on both sides of the tested printed circuit board. The availability of 4 probes per side as well as all the hardware and software measurement resources embedded in the platform allow this system to perform all types of tests: standard electrical tests, Kelvin measurements, tests of active and passive components integrated in a simple and fully integrated way.

At Productronica, Seica will highlight the high productivity of this solution, which will be equipped with a Seica Automation automatic loading/unloading system. The flexible management software allows the system to be configured to operate in automatic mode, automatically loading and testing even different card references. Once the test is completed, the system automatically adjusts the position of the rails and executes the appropriate program for each card. The feeder also includes an integrated clamping system to minimize card deformation during the test. Movable side clamps move automatically when the rail position is adjusted.

The Rapid H4 Flex flying probe test solution will also be presented at the show: deployed in Seica’s virtual factory, visitors will be able to discover this solution in a realistic manufacturing environment. Nominated for the 2019 Productronica Innovation Award, the Rapid H4 Flex tester meets the needs of flexible printed circuit board manufacturers who wish to test their circuits in a continuous coil format. The test system has 4 independent flying test probes, and the large test area is equipped with a vacuum table to hold the flexible circuit to be tested in place.

In addition to all standard test techniques, Seica’s proprietary high capacitive resolution process measures the capacity of each track/pad to detect short circuits and open circuits. Conventional four-wire Kelvin tests can also be performed. This integrated solution includes automated handling modules specially designed to ensure a continuous testing process.

All the test solutions presented use Seica’s Viva Next software platform, which integrates with the customer’s manufacturing process management tools: data collection, traceability, interaction with the MES, repair operations, etc. All systems in the Next series are equipped with the Canavisia Industrial Monitoring solution for remote monitoring of power and power consumption, sector, temperatures, light indicators and other parameters useful for indicating proper operation, providing information for preventive maintenance and, in general, ensuring that the systems are compatible with industry standards 4.0.