Modules PXI de commutation BRIC 40-558 de Pickering Interfaces.

With Pickering’s 40-558 modules, PXI switching systems become even more compact

  • Pickering Interfaces, a provider of modular signal switching and simulation solutions for electronic testing and validation, announces the launch of a new generation of PXI matrix modules.
  • BRIC 40-558 modules occupying 2, 4 or 8 PXI slots can accommodate 3 to 12 switch matrices equipped with Pickering Electronics’ latest generation high-density relays.
  • The BRIC module occupying 8 PXI slots can accommodate up to 12 switching matrices and thus provide 6144 crossing points.

As a subsidiary, Pickering Interfaces can take advantage of Pickering Electronics’ technological advances in relays as soon as possible. The British switching solutions specialist is integrating for the first time the extremely compact relays launched on the market in 2018 by its parent company.

These relays, which have a volume two to three times smaller than the previous generation, have been integrated into the switching cards intended to be plugged into the BRIC range modules. They can switch signals up to 0.5A/5W on a frequency band up to 30 MHz.

The new BRIC 40-558 modules are available in two, four or eight slots for matrix sizes from 64×16 to 1,008×6. These are actually subframes intended to be embedded in a PXI format chassis. The BRIC2 modules occupy two PXI slots and can accommodate two or three switching matrices (daughter boards) equipped with the new high-density relays. The BRIC4 modules occupy four PXI slots and can accommodate up to six new generation matrices. The BRIC8 modules can accommodate eight PXI slots and can integrate up to twelve new switch matrices from the 40-558 range.

40-558 BRIC Matrix daughter card from Pickering Interfaces.
Each 40-558 BRIC Matrix daughter card is populated with high density reed relays and can have up to 512 crosspoints.

Thanks to the extremely compact design of Pickering Electronics’ latest generation of Ruthenium relays, this solution offers up to 768 crossing points per slot and up to 6144 crossing points per module. Spare relays are provided with the module to facilitate maintenance and reduce downtime.

“This is the densest PXI Reed relay solution in the industry. With a switching density 39% higher than competitive solutions, the 40-558 range makes it possible to design a switching system by reducing the number of PXI slots occupied. It also makes it possible to integrate a complete automatic functional test system into a single 3U PXI chassis since the freed up PXI slots can be used by other PXI instruments,” explains Keith Moore, CEO of Pickering Interfaces.

The internal shielded analog backplane bus on the back of the BRIC module minimizes the complexity and cost of wiring. Pickering offers a range of standard cables for the 40-558 range and can design custom cables for all its PXI modules. Several analog bus widths (6, 8, 12 and 16 pole) and dual analog bus options are available.