Anritsu's MT8862A wireless communication tester integrates WLAN security feature

German Federal Network Agency opts for Anritsu test solutions

  • Anritsu announced that the Bundesnetzagentur (German Federal Network Agency) has adopted Anritsu’s base station simulators for 5G/4G/IoT technologies as well as Bluetooth/WLAN testers for EMC testing.

As a government regulatory agency, the Bundesnetzagentur (Bnetza) is responsible for testing electronic devices for unwanted emissions, as well as undertaking customer protection tasks.

The TKG (German Telecommunications Law) sets limits on unwanted emissions. In order to control these emissions, Bnetza performs random tests on consumer electronics devices, looking for electromagnetic radiation that could harm the human body or interfere with applicable standards or other electronic devices.

Bnetza must check W-LAN routers, Bluetooth equipment and cell phones of all brands, testing new technologies such as 5G as well as existing ones.

To conduct its mission, Bnetza uses Anritsu’s MT8000A, MT8821C, MT8862A and MT8852B base station simulators and its Bluetooth/WLAN tester for 5G/4G/IoT/Bluetooth/WLAN wireless devices, among others.

The German agency combines these test solutions from the Japanese manufacturer with an OTA (Over the Air) test chamber and other EMC testers to perform EMC tests based on ETSI and internal regulatory test standards.